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Treasurer's Report 2020

The Treasurer presented and reviewed the P&L account for year ending December 31st 2019.

Allowing for all costs in the year the Club carried forward a loss of £1,602.00 for the year.
This is the first recorded loss for the Club and is directly attributable to the sharp reduction in membership numbers.

For 2019 this was at an all time low of 126.
The Committee is aware that 2020 will be critical financially. 

  • Membership rates are therefore increasing by 2.5% to £100.00 pa. 
  • The Club are pleased to note that most of our riparian owners have also recognized the financial uncertainties we are facing and have agreed to a 20% reduction in rental rates whilst we weather the not-so-perfect storm of increasing regulation, the effects of commercial netting at sea and climate change. We thank them for their understanding and support.
Trevor Sobey
LDAC Treasurer

Secretary's Report 2020

  • The Committee met 4 times with excellent attendance.
  • Committee discussed and took the lead in implementing voluntary restrictions on the Fowey (and other rivers) to support fish stocks in the future. These are being rolled over into 2020 with no additional measures added.
  • Participated fully in FRA and TTFA and LRA meetings to best represent interests of the Club and its members.
  • Arranged with Fishing Mayhem to act as our sole agent for selling not just visitor permits but also annual memberships. (Cash only).
  • Noted the first reported occurrence of a live signal crayfish in the Draynes.
  • Noted the likely introduction of beavers in the upper reaches of the Warleggan in 2020. Reports of a female beaver with kits were made in the Inny and also a solitary male at Roadford Lake.
  • Noted ongoing work with WRT to coppice Lewarne in a sustainable manner to help improve access and improve environment for anglers.
  • Removal of commercial net from Fowey.
    • LDAC agreement to support EA voluntary restrictions both avoided a byelaw on the Fowey but more importantly resulted in the NLO of zero. This has been bought out with funds provided by SWW and support from the EA. Thanks go out to both for their efforts.
  • On increasing membership dues for 2020 
      • Noted that membership dues had increased by 2.5% this year.
      • For £100.00 members get access to c.22 miles of fishing (£4.50 per mile). This compares very favourably with Newbridge (£35.00 per mile), and Lanhydrock (£45.00 per mile).
      • Variety: 6 rivers with brown trout, sea trout, salmon and grayling. 
  • Thanks made to the riparian owners for accepting a 20% reduction in rentals as the club manages a drop in membership/income. Further details to follow from the Treasurer. 

  • The main message this year is really one of looking forward, rather than looking backwards.
    • Looking forward to going fishing in 2020 
    • Looking forward to getting out and about on the rivers. 
    • Looking forward to catching a fish, and of course losing them; the latter being the ones’ remembered the most. o Looking forward to seeing the first kingfisher of the year flashing down the stream. The surest indicator that rivers are healthy. 
    • Looking forward to hearing about the size of the fish being caught in Club waters. 
  • In concluding the Secretary reminded members to advise of any address or email changes asap. Failure to do so would inevitably result in lost contact. • 
  • The FRA AGM on 16th April 2020 will be at a new venue, the Conservative Club in Lostwithiel. More details will appear on the LDAC website nearer the time.

Chairman's Report 2020

At the 2020 AGM the Chairman reported that the 2019 season proved once again one of the more challenging in recent years as drought conditions across England and Wales led to a marked decline in the rod catch both locally and nationally.

  • 2018 National statistics for England and Wales follow;
  • 2018 salmon catch: 7,788 against 2017 13,500 (a decline of 38% on the 5-year average)
  • 2018 Sea Trout 13,600 against 22,000 in 2017 (a decline of 49% on the 5-year average).
  • Wales faired worst with the decline being -60% for Salmon and -56% for Sea Trout on the 5-year average. 

As a consequence Wales had introduced new conservation measures in the form of a 10-year byelaw. 

Locally we have also seen the introduction of new byelaws for the Camel, West Looe and Seaton rivers (all details on the Club website).

Against this backdrop of increasing regulation the Club has seen a further fall in membership numbers. The income stream that membership fees generate is, of course, key in allowing the Club to exist; to enable it to rent fishing, to insure itself and run the organisation.
The Treasurer would discuss the impact of falling revenues further in his report.

The two salmon hatcheries continue to provide important support for dwindling stocks. Despite tough conditions both managed to meet their targets for brood stock collection in 2019. More details follow in their reports. 

  • Hatcheries were not the answer to all our problems but they provide a backup for years when conditions (high river levels and water temps) have hampered spawning and juvenile fish survival. 
  • A timely reminder was made to members to check any salmon on the Fowey for fin clipping (indicating returning hatchery fish).
  • Thanks made from LDAC to the volunteers who make this important contribution to our fishing. WRT fry surveys continue on the Fowey and the results show juvenile numbers for salmon and sea trout holding up despite environmental pressures. 

There was little to report on the Draynes gravel cleaning, but this is hopefully going to restart in summer 2020; subject of course to managing increasing regulation and the need for licences to do so.
Bank clearance days have been generally well supported. Ashford/Doublebois were cancelled due to recent inclement weather and they will be arranged for a later date, more information will be posted on the Club website.

The Chairman took the opportunity to thank the Secretary for all his efforts and a special mention made to R Grieve for his support in running the Club website.
Finally he thanked the Committee and wished all better fishing in 2020.

Rob Williams
LDAC Chairman

Treasurer's Report 2019

At the LDAC AGM The Treasurer presented an overview of the Club’s efforts to purchase the River Fowey Newbridge fishing in 2018.
He noted that the Club had always sought to purchase fishing if it became available. As background he stated that fishing had been purchased at Golitha (1985), Jacks (1997), Lewarne (1998), Doublebois (2004) Hendergrove (2018) and the Club had also donated substantially towards the FRA Draynes sanctuary purchase in 2018. In July of 2018 Kivells advertised the sale of the Newbridge stretch of the Fowey River. The Club bid on the stretch but was advised that a higher bid had been received. That third party sale subsequently fell through and the Club then directly negotiated a second (increased) offer that was accepted by the seller, Lanhydrock Estates. With solicitors instructed the sale progressed and land registry, river-bed ownership and access matters were examined to ensure that the Club would have full, un-encumbered title to the fishing.
In mid-November the Club was surprised to hear that the sellers were seeking membership dues from its Angling Association members for the 2019 season. It transpired that the sellers had decided to withdraw from the sale but had not advised other parties to that effect.

More positively, our membership proved highly supportive and very generous in making interest free loans and donations to enable the purchase offer to be made. The Treasurer wished to put on record his personal thanks for that support.

The Treasurer then presented and reviewed the P&L account for year ending December 31st 2018. It was noted that despite concerns over membership numbers the Club had retained its subscription income year-on-year.
Allowing for all costs in the year the Club carried forward £28,122.33p, an increase of £1,541.75p on the previous year. Whilst this headline result is reassuring, the Committee is aware that 2019 will be critical financially. Notwithstanding, they have decided to keep subscription rates at their current level for another year – to encourage membership when our fishing is under considerable pressure both in quantity of fish caught and further restrictions on methods and overall catch limits.

We are pleased to note that many of our riparian owners have also recognised the financial uncertainties we are facing and have agreed to a 20% reduction in rental rates whilst we weather the not-so-perfect storm of increasing regulation, the effects of commercial netting at sea and climate change.
We thank them for their understanding and support.

Secretary's Report 2019

At the LDAC AGM The Secretary noted that the Committee had met 6 times in the year and that their attendance had been excellent. Much time and effort had been spent at these meetings trying to find the right balance between managing external relationships (with the EA/FRA), protecting river stocks and supporting the members’ sport.
Whilst this had not always been easy it is a credit to the Committee that consensus was reached and that the EA had been supportive of the Club’s position. This was reflected in the successful negotiations over the new NLO for the Fowey and no immediate threat of bye-law introductions.

The (voluntary) catch/release and restrictions/rules put in place for 2018 would now extend into the 2019 season and if any changes were proposed after the FRA/EA 2019 meeting had taken place then membership would be informed. In the meantime copies of the rules were made available at the meeting for those seeking a copy.
It was noted that there was an error in the December newsletter…..barbless hooks to be used after 31st August, not before June 16th as stated.

Other key issues in the year have included -

Protecting the fishing owned by the Club

  • Ownership of and access to fishing rights on the stretch above the road bridge (Newbridge, River Lynher) was disputed by the new owners of Turnpike Cottage. The Committee stepped in and successfully resolved the dispute without resorting to costly litigation. New access points had been created and the membership are encouraged to access and fish the stretch.
  • The Secretary noted that fishing rights and access issues were critical to the Club’s future and asked members to immediately make the Committee aware of any attempts to close off/change access or to try to dissuade the Club members from fishing our beats. The sale of any property adjoining fishing should also be advised as such changes often led to difficulties over ownership and access.
Additional fishing rights at Newbridge (River Fowey) came to the market during the year. The Club attempted to purchase these but the sale fell through before contracts were exchanged. More details can be found in the Treasurer’s report.

Work parties had started again and the Secretary reminded all members that it was important that they signed the risk assessment form before starting work. Failure to do so could negate both personal and Club insurances.

The Secretary reminded members to advise of any address or email changes asap. Failure to do so would inevitably result in lost contact.

Chairman's Report 2019

At the LDAC AGM The Chairman noted that 2018 had been one of the more difficult seasons on record the Chairman indicated that overall fishing efforts had been low throughout the year and it was likely that this would be reflected in low(er) catch return numbers.
For the stalwart few that did venture out a few early spring fish rewarded their efforts on both the Lynher and Fowey. Summer fish were caught but generally sport had been poor for most members.

The Chairman then spoke to the news that the TTFA/EA had started to electronically tag sea trout in the Tamar. This would provide data for studies regarding migration routes and frequency of spawning. He advised the membership that it was possible that these fish might also re-enter the Lynher. If so they could be recognised as having a clipped adipose fin.
Tagged fish could be reported to the EA and a financial incentive was in place for those reporting such catches. Further details would appear on the Club website.

The Chairman then discussed the disappointing news that the Fowey fish counter (at Restormel) had not been producing reliable data during most of the 2018 season. It was unlikely that any meaningful data would be forthcoming on numbers of fish entering the catchment. It was hoped that things would improve for 2019. Fry survey information from the FRA funded WRT work on the Fowey was then presented. This showed that the middle river had improved but that there was less promising news for Warleggan salmon parr; salmon numbers had shown a dip but conversely trout numbers were higher there – perhaps indicating a healthier stock of sea trout for the future.
There was better news on the Cardinham. In 2017 the surveys had shown no salmon above Ladyvale Bridge. However, with encouragement from WRT the Forestry Commission had removed a major log-jam and in the subsequent 2018 survey salmon parr numbers had rebounded. This was excellent news and showed the importance of the surveys in helping to spot problem areas and to illustrate the positive impact of focussed in-river works.

There was however disappointing news regarding the Club’s attempts to purchase the Newbridge stretch of the Fowey in 2018. Despite all our efforts and the generosity of members in donating and loaning funds the Sellers’ withdrew from the sale/purchase agreement in November 2018. More details follow in the Treasurer’s report.

Gravel cleaning was not undertaken in 2018. This was due to the dis-incentives created by the need to apply for and get a series of licences to perform gravel cleaning at any location -

  •  An easement for each location was required
  • A permit was required to pull hemlock
  • A waste carriers licence was required to remove hemlock from site. 
This matter had been taken up with the FFRG (EA, WRT and FRA) and the EA have indicated that they can provide support to facilitate the permitting process in 2019. WRT had made a large gravel cleaning pump available to the Club and it was hoped that this would make the work load lighter in the future.

Bank clearance days have been published in the December newsletter and following a slow start the Chairman was pleased to advise that attendance had improved and he thanked those involved. He further noted that there were a number of dates in February/March that needed support and he urged the membership to turn out to work on their river.

The Chairman briefly mentioned the work undertaken by IFCA and the recent news that they were looking to extend controls from the main estuaries into the creeks and coves surrounding …noting that many salmonids used these areas as a refuge in low water conditions.

The new beat maps were highlighted and thanks were made to WRT for producing them and to R Grieve for making them accessible on the Club website.

Finally he took the opportunity to thank the Treasurer (T Sobey), the Secretary (P Jordan) and his Committee members for all their efforts in helping to run the club during 2018 and to wish the membership tight(er) lines for the 2019 season.

Chairman's Report 2018

At the LDAC AGM in February 2018 - The Chairman, Rob Williams, gave his report for the year - noting that the 2017 season had started well, spring salmon and a few large sea trout being caught, aided by frequent rainfall ensuring river conditions were often favourable for fishing.
Fair numbers of summer grilse and sea trout were also caught on both the Lynher and Fowey but once again the later (Autumn) run of Salmon in the two main rivers were disappointing and fresh fish were very scarce.
Despite this, intensive fishing efforts meant both hatcheries managed to meet their brood-stock quotas for the year.

The Fowey river counter figures were discussed and it was noted that the numbers were, once again, lower than the 10- year average with salmon fairing less well than sea trout. Recent in-river survey figures produced by the EA and WRT also show worrying trends. The implications were to be discussed fully later in the meeting.

Heavy rain throughout this winter meant that rivers were untypically high over a longer period of time and it was hoped that this would not negatively impact on juvenile production in 2018.

The FRA has now secured much of the sanctuary area on a permanent basis and Chris Janes has resurrected the gravel cleaning to improve it. Efforts to extend sanctuary leases on other parts of the Draynes for a further 5 years have also been successful.

There is further good news:

  • The Water 4 Growth Project (to be discussed by guest speaker from WRT)
  • New beat maps (printable and interactive)
  • New restrictive Estuary Netting bye-laws in force.
Finally RW thanked the Committee and Officers for their efforts and R Grieve for continuing to support the website.
He concluded by wishing members an enjoyable season ahead.

Secretary's Report 2018

At the LDAC AGM in February 2018 The Secretary noted that the Committee had met 5 times in the year and that their attendance had been excellent. Key issues in the year have included

  • Renewing leases for 2018 and beyond
    • The Coodes Lease for the Ashford Beat on the Fowey to be extended for 3 more years.
    • 4 leases on the Lynher. With positive responses already received from 3 of the riparian owners. It is felt likely that all will be satisfactorily negotiated before the beginning of the season.
  • No additional fishing rights came to the market during the year.
  • Access at Turnpike Cottage (Newbridge, Lynher) is proving problematic as new owners’ are now in residence. A site meeting has taken place and whilst the Club’s legal rights are assured we will try to conclude the dispute without resorting to legal intervention. Please bear this in mind if accessing above the road bridge.
  • Other news
    • LDAC organised the Trout and Salmon Magazine writers visit to the Fowey in August 2017. This was part of the push to recruit new members. Whilst the river proved out of sorts (with only one salmon taken by the fishing party) an excellent piece was published advertising the efforts of the hatchery at Colliford. Hopefully the publicity will be reflected in new membership enquiries.
    • EA salmon consultation: Liaison and lobbying of the FRA. More to follow under Item 5 of the agenda
    • Looe-Liskeard cycleway: The Club met with the project manager for this tourism project. It was clear their proposals would have a major impact on the fishing environment along the West Looe beat we rent from the Duchy. Our concerns have been fed back to the Duchy and the Project Team. It is hoped that these objections will result in a new route being found.
    • Beaver re-introduction in Cornwall: Cornwall Wildlife Trust has now established a small beaver breeding colony on the Tresillian River at Ladock.Feedback was given to WRT, SWRA and the FRA. Despite objections this private project was launched in June 2017.
    • Emergency Bye-law on the Camel published to Club website: to remain in force until end October 2018.
    • Website Manager: Pleased to advise that Richard Grieve has agreed to continue to support the website even though he has departed the Committee. He has our thanks for this important role.

Treasurer's Report 2018

At the LDAC AGM in February 2018 - Trevor Sobey, The Treasurer, presented and reviewed the P&L account for year ending December 31st 2017

It was noted that exceptional capital purchase items (the purchase of Hendergrove and a significant contribution towards the FRA purchase of much of the Draynes sanctuary) had necessarily depleted the club’s capital reserve by some £12,000.00).
This, when coupled with shrinking membership numbers, had placed the club under some financial strain. Despite this, Club fees (for 2018) had been increased marginally (£2.50 pa for adults) and all other subscriptions/day/weekly tickets had been frozen.

Following consultation with riparian owners the majority have agreed to forego the annual RPI increase we normally provide in the rents payable.

The Club thanks them for their generosity and continued support.

Chairman's Report 2017

From the 2017 AGM Minutes -

The season started reasonably well, spring salmon and some large sea trout being caught but it never really got going due to low water conditions during the year and fishing was, once again, challenging.
When rain did come, intermittent runs of small grilse and sea trout occurred on both main rivers but the back end of the year did not bring a winter run of large fish.

Fowey counter numbers were down on the 10-year average but large sea trout still arrived in the upper reaches of the system in good numbers and a large number of redds were evident from mid-November onwards.

No heavy winter spates occurred so hopefully the eggs will have developed well and will not be as vulnerable to attrition as they develop and hatch this year.
Predation at sea, lack of food sources, global warming are all taking their toll on our fish stocks – but what is critical is the survival of smolts and their return to the sea. Without these there will be no run. If we do not send smolts back to sea they cannot come back.

This brings me to some good news. We are now lucky to have two hatcheries operating in our area – the Lynher and Fowey Hatchery. I will let others update you on their excellent progress later in the meeting. It was obvious upon walking the banks up in the spawning sanctuary of the upper Fowey that the majority of the sea trout redds appeared in those areas where volunteers had been working – testament to the effectiveness of these efforts.
The work of Chris Janes and his small band of volunteers is gratefully recognised.
There is also excellent news in that the FRA has now managed to purchase the Draynes sanctuary – so we will have these sanctuaries in perpetuity. It will now be important to keep them in good condition.

We must also maintain our excellent efforts in catch and return – this can only benefit the overall spawning success and ensure the viability of future stocks. It also demonstrates to our riparian owners and Regulatory Authorities we care about our fishing and are committed to its conservation.
I must also stress to all the importance of careful handling of fish as you return them. Much can be done to ensure their survival after the enjoyment and privilege of catching them.

The Chair took to opportunity to thank, on behalf of the Club members

  • The Secretary for once again producing an excellent annual newsletter and for his efforts on behalf of the club.
  • The Treasurer and his auditors for all their hard work during the year
  • The Club Wardens.……..noting that if anyone wishes to step forward to look after any of our stretches they should approach the Chairman later.

Finally, the Chairman thanked the Committee Members for their continued support and hard work in the last year.

In closing he wished members a successful 2017 season.

Secretary's Report 2017

The Secretary noted that it had been quite a busy season behind the scenes.
All the usual activities took place (meetings, newsletters, membership correspondence, rental renewals etc.) and additionally -

  • The Duchy leases were re-negotiated and the club has moved from annual leases to 4-year leases on both the West Looe and Inny. This is much more acceptable to the club as it enables us to do longer term maintenance on the beats – work on which has already started.
  • We lost a rented short stretch of River Lynher (Beat 9, Lynher Farm, 2 meadows) up at Bathpool as the owners’ sold the property and fishing rights to third parties.
  • There was a lot of legal work including changing out the LDAC trustees (to T Sobey, D White and P Jordan) and other land registry matters -

    • Prevented the sale of a short stretch (110m) of our fishing north of the road bridge at Newbridge - as the Turnpike Cottage owners’ tried to include our fishing rights in their auction. 
    • Purchased the Hendergrove Stretch (800m) of the upper Fowey: (Beat 2b, lhb opposite Golitha). This stretch was offered to the Club offmarket and the Club agreed to purchase as it protects the Golitha fishing on the opposite bank – already owned by LDAC. Contracts have been signed and payment made in full. 
    • Unable to register Beat 15: Cadsonbury Beat; Lynher. The LDAC Trustees have had to withdraw the LDAC registration of this beat as the NT formally objected to the registration due to deed issues from the 1942 and 1967 sale/purchase agreements. We intend to continue to fish the beat and to explore options to complete the registration without resorting to an expensive legal tribunal. 
    • Sold c.50m (600m2) of LDAC land/ roadside verge to Highways England. This sale is progressing. Value to Club is approximately £850.00. Please note the on-going traffic restrictions and the need to enter Lewarne Coombe from the west now (Halfway House) as a result of their ongoing works. There is no access from the east (Trago) until end-April.

Other news -

  • FRA has purchased 5100m of the Draynes sanctuary stretch that they previously rented. This should protect these important sea trout breeding areas in perpetuity. They have control of over 70% of the valley now. Thanks to Chris Janes, Roger Lashbrook and Rob Williams et al….for all their efforts in improving the stretches over many years. 
  • ORVIS EXETER are now offering 10% on all fishing related items (incl clothing, waders tackle etc..) to club members in 2017. Present your 2017 season ticket to get the discount. Shop visits only – not online. Thanks to Arthur White for arranging this. 
  • We are now looking for a new website manager to keep the club website up to date. Please come and see Secretary after the meeting or get in touch if you can help. 

Finally - We need your latest email and postal address if we are going to keep in touch with you. That’s in your hands, not ours….

Treasurer's Report 2017

From the AGM Minutes 2017 -

The Treasurer reviewed the 2016 profit/loss account for the Club and provided a breakdown of all expenditures and income for the year to 31st December 2016.

He illustrated that the finances were in fair order but that the Club had shown a loss of £327.91p for 2016.
This loss could be attributed to increased legal costs associated with trustee and land registry matters. As subscriptions accounted for 91% of income in 2016 it is important to maintain membership numbers. Happily 2016 membership levels were maintained at the same level as the previous year.

For the 2016 season the club therefore had eleven (11) life members, fourteen (14) junior members and one hundred and seventy six (176) full members (adults/disabled).
Total club membership again therefore stood at a total of two hundred and one for 2016.
An additional 20 beat and complimentary season tickets were also issued to riparian owners as part of lease agreements and these individuals were therefore allowed to fish our waters – bringing the number of potential anglers to two hundred and twenty one (221).

2017 cost/rental increases are estimated to rise by some 2.5% (over 2016 levels) and subscription for adult members are therefore to rise by £3.00 pa to cover this.
All other ticket rates have been held at 2016 levels.
Updated ticket prices and membership details are available on the club website

Treasurer's Report 2015

The underlying financial position of the club remains sound and the club has run with a small profit (<£500.00) for the past year. Finances are therefore just about balanced.

As previously discussed membership levels are key to the future of the club. The Secretary has mentioned that membership numbers could be higher and this year we saw a drop from 190 to 182 full adult members. With the inevitable rise in rental costs (c.2%) and overheads (insurance, hatchery donations, expenses) the Club will increase 2016 subscription prices by a small amount (£2.00p) for adults/seniors. We have managed to keep all other subscriptions at current levels. Despite this minimal increase the costs are still highly competitive with game fishing costs elsewhere in the county and wider afield.

Could I remind all members that they should apply directly to me for their 2016 membership as soon as possible; ensuring they enclose;

  • Complete and accurate catch return form for 2015 season
  • Membership renewal form duly completed (including an email address where possible)
  • Cheque for appropriate amount, including any donations
  • Stamped addressed envelope
The address to send it is –
Trevor Sobey, LDAC. Higher Trevartha Farm, Pengover, Liskeard, Cornwall PL14 3NJ.

Secretary's Report 2015

Another season has passed and it is time to reflect on how it all went.

The Committee members have met on four occasions since the last AGM and their attendance has been good at over 80%.

Key topics of discussion included
i) Trustee changes for Club owned fishing: Your new trustees are Trevor Sobey (continuing), David White and Paul Jordan. The club wishes to acknowledge the many years of service that Bill Eliot gave as a trustee for the Club – one of the many key contributions he has made over the years.
ii) 2014 Catch Returns: All anglers reported compliant returns and the salmon catch/release for the Lynher was the best on record – at 100%. However a new issue arose in the catch/release rate for sea trout from the Fowey. Whilst overall catch numbers were more or less at the same level as that of 2013 there was a worrying downward trend in the catch/release rate, dropping from 76% to 62%. This was exacerbated by a small group (6) of very successful anglers who averaged just a 12.5% release rate for over 20% of the total number of fish caught on the river! If all our members killed this proportion of their fish the Fowey sea trout population would soon be at risk?
iii) A slow (but steady) decline in adult and junior membership numbers over the last few years. A decade ago the club was full (with 250 full-time adult members) and it is noticeable that over the last 5 years those numbers have gradually declined to under 200. With lifetime members, riparian owner tickets and juniors the numbers of people fishing the river is still well over 220 but it is the adult membership fees that provide the annual income that is necessary for us to meet the rising cost of fishing rents – most if which inflate by RPI each year. Whilst significant efforts have been made to recruit new members (through the efforts of local tackle shop owners in particular) it is clear that overall club membership is naturally declining as existing members grow older and few(er) young anglers join the Club. Attracting younger members is increasingly important and we would ask that members who know of likely candidates to encourage them to join the club. We do incentivise juniors to join with a free introductory year and with subsidised junior prices thereafter.
iv) Accident/Indemnity Insurance: The Club provides insurance cover for members carrying out organised and supervised work party tasks but the club does not provided accident/indemnity insurance for individuals whilst they participate in fishing on any club waters (rented or owned). We do not expect nor ask our riparian owners to do so either. You therefore go fishing on all LDAC waters (whether owned or rented) at your own risk. This is not through choice but because our insurance provider (Angling Trust/Insure4Sport) does not provide individual member cover as part of their Club insurance Package. It is therefore important that members consider their personal circumstances and take out individual indemnity/accident insurance if they feel the need. This can be taken out as part of individual membership of the Angling Trust and their contact details follow: The Angling Trust – Membership - http://tinyurl.com/olx6ulv We encourage all our members to join the Angling Trust.

Your Committee members attended Fowey River Association (FRA), Lynher River Association (LRA) and Tamar and Tributaries Fisheries Association (TTFA) meetings and AGM’s to ensure the Club interests are fully represented in these forums. Information from these is shared via the Club newsletters/website if relevant.

The Club website continues to enable us to reach our members in a timely and cost effective manner. Remember: If we don’t have your (latest) email address please do send it to us as you read this newsletter. Email your new address to sec@ldac.org.uk

Those members who do not have email will continue to receive correspondence through the post – but again, please make sure we have your up-to-date postal address so we can keep in touch.

Your mid-year newsletter was once again published, being distributed to all members in August 2015; again mostly by email. I hope you find it informative. If you have any views or ideas on it’s future content please do contact the Secretary at sec@ldac.org.uk to discuss.

To keep abreast of any changes to your fishing please always remember to log onto the club website at www.ldac.org.uk. Thanks to Richard Grieve for continued support in looking after all things IT.

Paul Jordan

Chairman's Report 2015

At the time of writing this the 2015 season is drawing to a close, the river is running high and is nicely coloured; yet fish seem to be a little scarce in this last week of November. I am still hoping for a late run and always optimistic of catching that elusive winter fish of bygone days.

We certainly should not complain though, the season overall has undoubtedly been a good one with steady numbers of salmon throughout the year on both the Fowey and Lynher.

There were many good salmon in the 8lb to 12lb range taken from both main rivers and at times some very good fish indeed were brought to the net, with the best reported being a 19lb Fowey fish caught above Trago Mills in fairly low water conditions by Graham Hake - whilst fishing for sea trout in August using a small Mepps spinner. At Wainsford there were entries in the book for three fish caught in early November all estimated in excess of 16lb. Although these were not fresh winter fish, they were all coloured hens and returned safely to the river, which promises to make for a good spawning year if weather conditions permit.

The sea trout season struggled to get off the ground early on with very low water conditions on both main rivers – resulting in the fish being reluctant to take, even at night. On most rivers in the South West there was real cause for concern as the low water exacerbated the risk of disease, both sea trout and some big early salmon began developing white marks, with many going on to succumb to disease. Thankfully rain finally came and refreshed the flows and, in the main, our stocks did recover, bringing some damage limitation; albeit too late for some very good fish. With the rain came excellent sea trout fishing and catch numbers were encouraging. Fish up to 9lbs were recorded on both the Lynher and the Fowey and regular reports of fish of 5-7lbs were being reported regularly on both rivers. A 9lb sea trout for Jon Hake (at Doublebois in May) was a well-deserved reward following all of his hard work clearing numerous pools this year. An even larger fish (10lbs) was lost by one (un)fortunate angler on our smallest stream - the Seaton!

As many of you will now be aware the long-awaited Fowey Hatchery at Colliford is now in the final planning stages and there is an update in the section under Hatchery News. We must also applaud the continued hard work being carried out by volunteers at the Lynher Hatchery. Despite challenging times they have continued to produce good results. Again an update can be found under the section on Hatchery News.

We have worked with Charlie Bettison and Coodes to finally remove the massive tree dam at the Tier Pools (downstream of Ashford Bridge). The pools are now gradually clearing of the sand that has built up over the last few years. This was made possible by the efforts of some members of our committee and funding from the Club and the Coodes Estate. We offer our thanks to Coodes for their continued support of our Club.

We did not manage to complete all that we needed to do. Due to a lack of man-power Best Pool on the Lynher remains blocked by fallen trees. We must try to remedy that as a priority when low water occurs in the summer of next year. I am once again asking members to turn out in sufficient numbers to support bank clearance days. We are facing the prospect of having to remove a lot of debris and fallen trees from both the Lynher and Fowey in the spring. Please do come and help to improve your fishing. The timetable is printed in this newsletter - so there is ample notice given to be able to turn up and help.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the members of the Committee for their continued hard work and support of the Club this year – there efforts are noted.

Finally I note that there are several vacancies on the Club Committee this year and I would encourage anyone who wants to stand as a Committee member to contact the Secretary as soon as possible. This year is living proof, if we needed it, that we have some wonderful fishing on our rivers, fishing that is worth looking after and so I very much look forward to seeing you all at the AGM in February.

Rob Williams

Chairman's Report 2014

As I write this, the 2014 season is coming to an end and with the river running clear and no sign of imminent rain, a late run of Salmon is looking less likely but we must remain optimistic.

The season overall has been unpredictable and although good numbers of Sea Trout came in to the system the long dry summer did not make fishing easy. However those of you who ventured out with the night time fly or those who managed to get on the river following the occasional heavy showers were rewarded with some good fishing.

As for Salmon, the beginning of the season brought some large salmon into the catchments of both the Fowey and the Lynher. The best spring salmon reported for many years (at 18lbs) came off the upper Lynher in mid-March, with several others well into double figures also reported during the same month.
The largest spring salmon reported from the Fowey was estimated at >12lbs (32.5” long), caught in May.

Despite these early catches the summer Grilse never really arrived in any great numbers. This appeared to be the situation generally on rivers throughout the South West.

Counter figures on the Fowey however, show that good numbers of fish are still coming into the system with a total of 8,385 Sea Trout and 1,373 Salmon/large Sea Trout being recorded up until the end of August.

On the conservation front, some vital gravel rehabilitation work was carried out, with Chris Janes organising tree removal and weed clearance on three consecutive Sundays up in the Draynes Valley. I would like to thank Chris and all those who turned up to help, for all their hard work. It is hoped that we can continue to improve these spawning areas and that will depend on your support next year.
Look at the website for further details nearer the time.

We are again facing the prospect of having to remove a large number of fallen trees that have come down during the year, obstructing both the river and anglers access. As most of you will appreciate, it is not possible for the club to pay contractors to carry out this work as the cost would be very high and would lead to an unacceptable increase in the price of membership.
Whilst we are lucky enough to have very capable people willing to give their time to such tasks, they are few in number and it is impossible for them to tackle all the problems that occur unless they receive far more help from club members.

A timetable of bank clearance dates is printed in this newsletter so please come along and help out.

Despite the challenges LDAC remains strong and with access to over 20 miles of fishing we have a club to be proud of and I would like to thank all the members of the committee for their continued hard work and support, without which this club would not be the success that it most certainly is. I look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Rob Williams
LDAC Chairman

Secretary's Report 2014

The Club continues to provide the largest choice of game fishing in Cornwall and the southwest.
We currently have access to six rivers with a total of 21 miles of fishing.

We rely heavily on the goodwill of our riparian owners for continuing to lease quality water to us – and it is good to report that our relationships with these key stakeholders remain firm.

Just before the opening of the season the Club was saddened to hear of the passing of Mr D Arbon, from Maenporth, Falmouth. Mr Arbon had been a strong supporter of the Club for many years and was always happy to lease Caradon Wood Beat to us on the Lynher. We thank him for the kindness he showed to the Club over the years. With the fishing rights of Caradon Wood now passing to a new owner (The Woodlands Trust) LDAC are (currently) unable to renew the lease and we therefore no longer have the rights to access or fish on Beat 13.
All remaining fishing was retained and we also extended the Ashford Beat (Beat 3, River Fowey) some 500m northwards. This was through the kind agreement of Messrs J and E Coodes, to whom we extend our thanks for their continued support. No stretches of local river(s) were offered for open sale during the 2014 season and the Club was therefore unable to add to the current inventory of owned waters.

2015 will also see the need for the Club to renew three of our beats on the Lynher and the Committee has approved moving forward with those new contracts. We hope to be able to report that they have been secured for future years in the next newsletter. To keep abreast of any changes to your fishing please remember to log onto the new-look/up-dated website at ldac.org.uk. Thanks to Richard Grieve for continued support in looking after all things IT.

Your Committee met four times during the year. Attendance by Committee members was good, at 87.5%. The Committee were pleased to be able to see (and now report to you) a marked improvement in catch/return rates for the 2013 season and I am particularly gratified to be able to say that all members adhered to the catch/release targets, particularly in the matter of Lynher salmon.

The Lynher catch/release rates rose from 50% (in 2012) to 83% (2013). We need to ensure that these figures continue to exceed 66% in the future to help support the prevention of commercial nets returning to the Lynher.

Several members have contacted me to discuss the issue of fallen trees and difficult access on some beats during the 2104 season. As you are aware all the beats are the subject of planned work parties at the beginning of each season (see page 2 of this newsletter for relevant dates and locations).
These provide the opportunity to carry out maintenance after winter storms and floods have had their way with our rivers and footpaths. Members need to continue to come forward and support the workparties before the season starts, to report any areas that they consider require attention and then to support requests for additional work during the season.
We would urge members to carry out their own (sensitive and sensible) clearance of undergrowth across and along footpaths as they pass through whilst fishing during the season. We ALL have a part to play – please do so. If you want to or can help make sure we have your up-to-date contact details so we can contact you directly.

Your Committee members also attended Fowey River Association (FRA), Lynher River Association (LRA) and Tamar and Tributaries Fisheries Association (TTFA) meetings and AGM’s to ensure the Club interests are fully represented in these forums. Information from these is shared via the Club newsletters/website if appropriate.

The Club website is enabling us to reach more members than ever before, more cheaply and more quickly – we now have 70% registered, 5% up on 2013. The target remains 100% and we are slowly getting there…….. Remember: If we don’t have your (latest) email address please do send it to sec@ldac.org.uk when you read this newsletter.

The mid-year newsletter was once again published, being distributed to all members in August 2014; mostly by email. I hope you found it useful. If you have any views or ideas on it’s future content please do contact the Secretary on sec@ldac.org.uk to discuss.
This year we are again distributing the Annual Newsletter, attachments and the FRA newsletter by email wherever possible. This has a major impact in lowering our printing costs and postage bill. That means we have more money to spend on improving our fishing – far better than spending it on other non-fishing related matters?

Paul Jordan
Hon Secretary

Treasurer's Report 2014

Whilst the underlying financial position of the club remains sound we continue to find ourselves under financial pressure to ensure that the club does not run at a loss.

As discussed at the last AGM the membership levels are key to the future of the club.

I am therefore pleased to be able to report a small increase in adult membership for the year; rising from 185 in 2013 to 191 in 2014. At this level the Clubs finances are just in balance. However the cost of our rented beats will inevitably rise in 2015 (some in line with RPI and some under new lease agreements) and this requires that the Club raise season ticket prices to cover costs for next year.

The Committee has therefore agreed to increase fees to £90.00 pa for both adults (+2.8%) and senior members (+9%) but to maintain levels for disabled and junior members (see Item 2 on page 2 of the newsletter for full details).

The decision to raise senior member ticket prices to the same level as adult members has been an aim of the Committee for several years and is predicated on the fact that such (retired) members have significantly more opportunity to use club waters than others.

Despite these increases the costs are still highly competitive with game fishing costs elsewhere in the county and wider afield.

Please note that visitors’ day/weekly ticket fees are also rising above inflation – reflecting the quality and quantity of fishing we offer.

Trevor Sobey