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Chairman's Report 2013

Generally speaking the 2013 season has been a difficult one.

A few large sea trout put in an appearance in early April, but then record low water over most the summer meant that fish were few and far between. Those around were certainly not in the mood for taking! Nonetheless, the odd fish was caught and a few grilse showed themselves by July. But it was not until the rains came in late September that we started to see salmon being caught.

Notwithstanding the difficult fishing this year good numbers of fish came through the counter on the Fowey, and overall, numbers were up for both sea trout and salmon in 2013.

As you know, the Club works hard to ensure our fishing will be sustainable in the future – this means looking after the water, supporting hatcheries and maintaining fish stocks wherever possible. 

To support this latter point we introduced a new Club rule on Lynher catch/release for the 2013 season, replacing a voluntary code that was not being adhered to. Having done so the Committee does take a lenient view to members’ returns that show only a single salmon caught/killed; but members who kill fish repeatedly can expect little sympathy. 

Regrettably one member was removed from the club this year for continuing to disregard the catch/release rule on the River Lynher. A number of other members were warned of the likely consequences if they failed to meet the target in future seasons. 

On a lighter note I was delighted to see such a strong turn out by members on the working parties this year – we had 74 half days of work contributed by the Club members and much good work has been done in improving and maintaining access – thank you. 

We also made considerable progress on roadside trees in Lewarne. The work, carried out during the Highway Agency night time closures of the A38 was well supported and I would like to extend my thanks firstly to Chris Janes who led the work on our behalf and secondly to our members who gave up their nights in support. 

I am pleased to report that the Fowey River Association is funding a temporary hatchery this year. Additionally they have provided significant funds for habitat improvement to our stretches of the River Fowey in Lewarne Coombe. 

We also received direct funding this year from the West Country Rivers Trust utilising their Country Sports Southwest Project initiative. The monies were spent on further maintenance and access. All members and visitors will benefit tremendously from these enabling works. 

We hope that you see real improvements and join with me in thanking both organisations for their generous support.     Rob Williams - Chairman

Chairman's Report 2013

Generally speaking the season has not been a particularly good one - with runs of fish on most rivers being modest at best.

Although early runs of Sea Trout looked, at times, promising this was followed by a real shortage of smaller summer fish. So Sea Trout numbers will probably be down in the returns. There was also a noticeable lack of fresh run summer grilse on both rivers. Some good size salmon between 8-15lb have since appeared on both the Fowey and Lynher. High water levels have meant that what fish did run spread quickly throughout the catchment. This made the fishing even more difficult; with anglers having to cover considerable water in the hope of finding a fish.

Those fish that are still running will be able to access more of the higher reaches of the catchment; and will spawn successfully in new redds - so every cloud has a silver lining. The high winds and high water levels have caused severe damage on the banks with fallen trees and trash dams everywhere. Nearly every beat urgently needs work now, so please come along to the bank clearance dates and help us to clean up. See the section on Work Party incentives in this newsletter for the dates, times and locations for the 2013 working parties.

I would like to thank all the committee members for their hard work and support through the year and especially Paul Jordan for his enthusiasm in taking over as Honorary Secretary, despite being thrown in at the deep end he is doing an excellent job. Finally I hope that you all have a Merry Xmas and I wish you successful fishing in the New Season ahead.    Rob Williams - LDAC Chairman