Liskeard & District Angling Club now have 5 trophies to be awarded annually :

  • Best Salmon
  • Best Sea Trout
  • Best Brown Trout
  • Junior achievement
  • Lynher Contribution

LDAC Current Trophy Holders

Brown TroutSea TroutSalmonJunior AchievementLynher Contribution
Current Holder C Pearson 2lb (F)J Hake 8lb 3oz (F)J Hake, 16lbs (F) H Davy Sea Trout 2lbsDavid Paine
All-time RecordG Hake 4lb 1ozA Bruce 21lbJ Hawken 28lb 0oz
LDAC Current Trophy Holders

The full list of Trophy holders since 1951 can be seen at the bottom of the page

Members are encouraged to submit catches that could qualify under one of the four fish categories: the Brown trout ,Sea trout, Salmon & also the Junior Achievement.

We also welcome nominations for the Lynher contribution trophy.

Submittal is simple: just fill in and send the attached form (with any details possible) to arrive before 31st December to be considered for that season ‘s awards.

Download a Trophy Application FormĀ –

LDAC – Trophies

SeasonBrown TroutSea TroutSalmonJunior AchievementLynher Contribution
2023C Pearson 2lb (F)J Hake 8lb 3oz (F)J Hake 16lbs (F)H Davy Sea trout 2lbs (L)David Paine
2022J Drew 3lb 0oz (F)J Drew 6lb 0oz (F)J Drew 11 1/2lbKath Sobey
2020 Jon Hake 7lb 8oz (F)Joe Darlington 13lb (L) Kath Sobey
2019 A Bruce ** 21lb (F)D White 15.5lb (F) Graham Hake
2018 Jason Drew 8lb 2oz (F)Jason Drew 16lb (F) Arthur White
2017R Grieve (3lb) J Drew (3 lb)S Dean 8lb (F)J Hake 17lb (F) C Janes
2016 Jason Drew 8lb 6oz (F)Trevor Coleman 12lb 8oz (L) Jon Hake
2015 Jon Hake 9lb (F)Graham Hake 19lb (F) Barry Pearn
2014Trevor Sobey 1lb 8oz (L)Jon Hake 5lb (F)J White 14lb (F)Roger Lashbrook
2013Paul Jordan 2lb 2oz (S)Jon Hake 10lb (F)Trevor Sobey 15lb (F)Nick Lintott
2012R Grieve 5lbs (S)J White 15lbs (F)Paul Mugridge
2011G Hake (new this year)
2010A Pavey 13lb 5oz (F)H Kenyon
2009D Johns 6lb 5oz
2008F Gregory 20lbs (F)G Chegwidden
2006D White 11lbs 8oz
2005R Williams 10lbs (F) B Pearn 12lbsJ Roberts
2004G Hake 13lbs 8 oz (L)D Tidmarsh 16lbs 8 oz (F)
2003A Page 6lbs 5oz (L)C Pinnelle 9lbs (L)A Uden
2002D Tidmarsh 8lbs (F)
2001H Clark 7lbs (F)D Cahart 22lbs (F)
2000D Quinn 10lbs 8oz
1998G Harvey 2lbs (L)S Wakeham 3lbs 10oz (F)A Harris 20lbs (F)G Richard
1996G Hake 8lb 9ozH Pearson 11lbs 14ozD White
1995N Doney 6lbs 2oz (L)D White
1994N White 10lbs (L)D White
1993G Dawson 3lbs (S)M Hartley 7lbs (L)C Saunders 14lbs 8oz (F)
1992R Dean 4lbs 9ozR Gordon 19lbs 6ozD White
1991T Osmond 7lbs 4oz (L)T Burchell 15lbs 8oz (L)
1990R Palmer 1lb 12oz (L)K Raymond 3lbs 8oz (L)H Pearson 10lbs 8oz (F)
1989A White 6lbs 5oz(L)G Pollard 16lbs (F)S Waters
1987R Palmer 1lb (L)N White 6lbs 1oz
1985G Hake 3lbs (L)C Sanders 8lbs (F)S Phillips 17lbs 12oz (F)
1984W Brown 10 1/2ozN White 16lbs 10zM Bray
1983N White 19lbs 8oz
1982J Crane 5lbs 5oz
1981G Hake ** 4lbs 1oz (L)
1980? 1lbs 3ozA Conday 18lbs 4oz (L)
1979S Nash ?M Pascoe 2lbsM King
1978OD Gilbert 5lbs 1oz (F)L Chidley 11lbs
1977D Wilson 10lbs 8ozG Rogers 16lbs
1976C Cobbledick 2lbs (F)
1975H Lobb 1lb 5oz (F)C Bettison ?L Chidley 17lbs 8oz (F)
1973D Wilson 2lbs 14ozG Hake 26lbs (L)
1971B G Wilson 2lbs 1ozD Wilson 20lbs (L)
1970G Pearce 1lbs 9ozC Bettison 7lbs 8ozW Glanville 15lbs (L)
1969C Bettison 3lbsR Harris 7lbs 6ozT Sobey 16lbs
1968B G Wilson 1lbs 6ozJ Mannell 9lbs 2ozN White 20lbs
1967F Poggro 3lbs 12ozC Bettison 8lbs 8ozH Webb 19lbs 8oz
1966C Bettison 3lbs 3 1/2ozG Mackfall 8lbs 8ozA Saunders 21lbs 8oz
1965G Hake 2lbs 6ozP Champion 8lbs 5ozJ Rounseville 25lbs
1964LA Vowler 8lbs 8ozA Saunders 19lbs
1963H Sanders 3lbs 5ozLC Baker 8lbs 12ozG Vinell 17lbs 8oz
1962A Dowey 2lb 2 1/2ozG Radford 8lbsJ Hawkins ** 28lbs
1961G Wilson 2lb 3ozW Glanville 6lb 12ozH Sanders 16lbs
1960J Deacon 1lb 3ozJ Hawken 12lb 2ozMr Carne 20lbs 2oz
1959A Saunders 1lb 6ozS Broad 8lb 4ozORR Dyke 16lbs 2oz
1958D Wilson 1lb 8 ozJ Hawken 4lb 14ozJ Hawken 16lbs
1957J Mannell 1lb 15ozJ Hawken 4lb 9ozM Jago 16lb 5oz
1956J Hawken 14lbs
1955G V Barwell 15lbs 4oz
1954G V Barwell 14lbs 6oz
1953H Congdon 10lbs
1952R Rundle 16lbs 8oz
1951E J Prynn 9lbs 12oz
All time Trophy List