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Treasurer's Report 2017

From the AGM Minutes 2017 -

The Treasurer reviewed the 2016 profit/loss account for the Club and provided a breakdown of all expenditures and income for the year to 31st December 2016.

He illustrated that the finances were in fair order but that the Club had shown a loss of £327.91p for 2016.
This loss could be attributed to increased legal costs associated with trustee and land registry matters. As subscriptions accounted for 91% of income in 2016 it is important to maintain membership numbers. Happily 2016 membership levels were maintained at the same level as the previous year.

For the 2016 season the club therefore had eleven (11) life members, fourteen (14) junior members and one hundred and seventy six (176) full members (adults/disabled).
Total club membership again therefore stood at a total of two hundred and one for 2016.
An additional 20 beat and complimentary season tickets were also issued to riparian owners as part of lease agreements and these individuals were therefore allowed to fish our waters – bringing the number of potential anglers to two hundred and twenty one (221).

2017 cost/rental increases are estimated to rise by some 2.5% (over 2016 levels) and subscription for adult members are therefore to rise by £3.00 pa to cover this.
All other ticket rates have been held at 2016 levels.
Updated ticket prices and membership details are available on the club website

Colliford Hatchery update 2017

From the 2017 AGM Minutes -

The new FRA-operated hatchery at Colliford is now up and running thanks to the generous funding from SWW and the efforts of all the volunteers who helped set it up and run it.

Initial concerns over water temperature and quality/quantity have proved unwarranted and the Hatchery Manager was pleased to report that the first 6 months of activities had proved a success:

  • Brood stock collection quotas had been met. LDAC waters provided two thirds (2/3) of the brood stock and one angler (J Hake) had collected over 50% of the total.
  • Just under 40,000 eggs had been stripped and the brood stock returned back to the river. 
  • At the time of the meeting the first 2 fry had hatched and with low water temperatures (assisted by a chiller unit) eggs are developing well. 
  • A CEFAS inspection had been carried out and the results were more than satisfactory. 
  • The vision for the hatchery is not just to make it work – but to make it work well. 
  • Volunteers were once more thanked for their efforts in making the operation the success it is to date.

Lynher Hatchery update 2017

From the 2017 AGM Minutes -

Firstly Arthur White thanked LDAC for the financial contribution it makes to the running of the hatchery on the Lynher. Unlike the Colliford hatchery the Lynher hatchery receives no funding from SWW or other external agencies; the £2000 pa running costs have to be met from contributions from local anglers and the volunteers themselves.

Operating problems from previous years had been resolved inasmuch as -

  • The EA had granted the Hatchery a license to collect brood stock in November, after the season had closed. This means that the brood stock are no longer held for long periods in warm (autumnal) waters and their health has improved – allowing for more successful stripping. Thanks were given to the EA for their support.
  • Later stripping increased the viability of eggs as the water temperatures were now lower during their development.

Operation to date -

  • Brood stock quotas met
  • 52,000 eggs stripped. However one batch was poorly developed and those eggs (10,000) were then reintroduced into artificial redds in the river to prevent their inevitable deterioration in the hatchery.
  • Of the remainder approximately 50% of the eggs had hatched to date.

The stocking plan for the fry this year would involve split releases – half the stock would be reared on whilst the other half would be introduced to the river as swim-up fry. This plan prevented rising water temperature from impacting survivability during the summer.

This year the hatchery would also be looking to raise funds for a chiller unit to further improve survivability rates in the future.

River Fowey: Beat 3: Ashford Mill/Bridge/RHB: New Tenants

Please note that the 2 meadows directly above Ashford Bridge have been leased from Coodes to the occupants of Ashford Mill.

Our fishing rights and our access point upriver is unchanged but the meadows have now been cleared and planted up.

Please ensure you respect the new tenants and when you access the beat stay to the river bank at all times.

Thank you.

River Fowey/Beat 6: A38/Lewarne Plantation pull-in/parking restrictions

Due to the ongoing road works west of Trago and with 4 weeks of planned night closures through April there will be no access to the Lewarne Plantation pull-in/parking between Jacks and the Halfway House.

The club gate will remain locked until all the resurfacing/road works are completed (estimate 2nd May).

Temporary access to the RHB is only from Bodithiel Bridge where a temporary access is being created by the old gate.
Parking is now further up Bodithiel Lane under the viaduct; the lower Forestry parking area we normally use is closed off by Highways England.
Access to the LHB from both Bodithiel Lane and the Halfway House end is un-affected.
Please note that access to Bodithiel Lane is only from the A390.

We will notify you when the Lewarne gate is open.

LDAC Members discount at Orvis, Exeter

I am pleased to confirm that LDAC members will now be entitled to receive 10% discount on all fishing related goods at the Exeter Orvis Store this year.
This includes items of fishing tackle, waders etc and clothing from the dedicated range of fishing clothing.

We just need show the current season membership card (2017) to receive the discount.
Details: http://www.orvis.co.uk/s/orvis-company-store-in-exeter-devon/316  


Reminder - Liskeard & District Angling Club AGM

Date - 7th Feb 2017
Time - 7.30pm
Location - Constitution Club, 9 Market St, Liskeard PL14 3JH

See you there....

LDAC 2016 Newsletter

The LDAC 2016 Newsletter is out today

Members with e-mail should have received it already while members with only postal details will receive it in a few days.

Download a copy -
LDAC 2016 Newsletter

LDAC 2015 Catch Return Summary

The season saw a very encouraging increase in the total of rod-caught salmon year-on-year, rising from 33 in 2014 to 93 in 2015, up 282%.
Sea trout increased from 253 in 2014 to 268 for the 2015 season, a rise of 6% year-on-year.

On a river-by-river basis the Fowey fared better than the Lynher with a higher number of rod-caught salmon (55 in 2015 versus 25 in 2014, up 220%) with the river producing 150 sea trout versus 140 in 2014, up 7%.
The Lynher nonetheless saw a significant rebound in salmon numbers year-on-year; rising from 7 (in 2014) to 37 (in 2015), an increase of 528%; 2015 sea trout numbers also rose, reaching 73 (versus 64 in 2014), up 14%.
Some minor rivers saw a reduction in fish caught, most notable on the Inny where only one (1) sea trout was reported. Fourteen (14) sea trout were reported from the Seaton (up from 8 in 2014, an increase of 175%); probably reflecting a heavier fishing effort last season.

Members can download this report here

LDAC 2016 mid year Newsletter

Download a copy of the LDAC 2016 mid year Newsletter here

Members with e-mail will have received their copy this weekend.
Members who have only provided a postal address will get a copy in 3-5 days time.

If you would like to update the club with your e-mail address - please send it to sec@ldac.org.uk

2016 AGM Minutes

The AGM minutes for 2016 have now been adopted by the LDAC Committee (12th April 2016).

Members are asked to review them here

Any comments should be sent to secretary@ldac.org.uk 

Fields for rent - Ashford Bridge

LDAC rent the fishing at Ashford Bridge from Coodes Estate - they have asked if we can distribute details of the some fields available to rent - those North of the bridge, where LDAC have the fishing.

See the map below - please contact Paul Jordan (sec@ldac.org.uk) in the first instance to register any interest

Lynher Webcam - back online

We are very pleased to announce the Lynher webcam is back online - At Measham / Rilla Mill

You can view it here -

You may also be interested in these links -
Fowey webcam - http://www.farsondigitalwatercams.com/locations/twowatersfoot

A useful resource is also the Environment Agency gauging station data pages - here -
Twowatersfoot - https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/3139
Restormel - https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/3152
Pillaton - https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/3184