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IMPORTANT : New 2018 LDAC Club Rules now in force

Please read the following update to the LDAC Club rules - for 2018 season (onward)

You can download a copy of this information here

At the LDAC AGM on 13th February 2018 the LDAC Committee announced that a new set of fishing rules had been approved for the 2018 season

These new rules reflect the current pressure the salmonid stocks are under in the rivers we fish

The EA has recently enacted an emergency bye-law on the Camel, restricting much of the fishing methods available to anglers and requiring 100% catch/release. In addition the EA has carried out a national consultation and is in the process of setting out new rules for salmonid anglers across all of England. These will be published shortly

The EA has also contacted the Fowey River Association/Clubs directly and requested voluntary measures now be enacted to further preserve salmonid stocks that are deemed probably-at-risk. At the same time the EA is enforcing new estuarine bye-laws and supporting a Net Limitation Order of zero

LDAC, as the largest Club on the river has agreed to implement new rules to help sustain stocks

To prevent over-exploitation of other Club waters they are also applicable to all other LDAC waters (Lynher, Seaton, Inny, West Looe and Camel - once that emergency bye-law is removed) the following rules supersede those found on your 2018 season ticket and must be followed by all anglers from 1st March 2018

  • Fowey Season to close on 30th November
  • Other rivers’ season dates remain unchange
  • Hooks
    • No trebles at any time
        • No circle hooks at any time
  • Bait fishing
        • Single barbless hooks at all times
          • No worming for salmon before June 16th / after 31st Aug
          • Prawn /Shrimp permitted all season
  • Spinning
    • Single barbless hooks after 31st August
  • Catch/Release
    • Return first salmon of season on each river
    • Retain maximum of 1 salmon per season per river
    • Retain maximum of 10 sea trout per season per river (2 per day, 4 per week)
    • Return all sea trout under 1.5lb (35cm) and over 4lbs (55cm)

If you require any further information please contact secretary@ldac.org.uk or any Committee member.

P Jordan, LDAC Secretary, 19th February 2018

URGENT - EA Emergency Bylaw - River Camel

IMPORTANT: EA Emergency Bye Law - River Camel
( includes LDAC Beat 22, Wenfordbridge).

All members:
The Environment Agency (EA) have issued an Emergency Bylaw on the River Camel.

EA fishing restrictions effective 1st November 2017 on the River Camel.

Please ensure you have downloaded and read the attached documents -

Barbless hooks before 16th June

The LDAC Committee asks that all members follow the following guideline Before June 16th in any season:
Barbless Hooks Only on all rivers

"This will help to preserve salmon stocks and aid successful catch/release before June 16th of each season".

Angling Trust South West Fisheries Forum

The Angling Trust, in association with The Environment Agency invite all anglers and fisheries owners to a meeting at Carvynick Country Club -

Carvynick Country Club - Summercourt, Newquay, TR8 5AF

Saturday 24th June 2017

Tea, Coffee and Biscuits served from 9.30am - Meeting begins 10.00am and finishes 12.30pm

This meeting is open to all anglers and fishery owners and is free to attend

Draft Agenda:

Stop Taking our Wrasse ! James Champkin, National Campaigns Officer for the Angling Trust talks about our work to try to halt the large scale removal of live wrasse from Cornish waters to be used as cleaner fish in Scottish Salmon farms.

Environment Agency Fisheries Update . Local EA staff talking about the work they do and explain how your rod licence money is spent.

How Can we support your club and help to improve your fishing ? Ian Shepherd and John Cheyne outline the ways in which your club can fund fishery improvements with rod licence money and how AT staff can help with a variety of key issues.

Chairman's Report 2017

From the 2017 AGM Minutes -

The season started reasonably well, spring salmon and some large sea trout being caught but it never really got going due to low water conditions during the year and fishing was, once again, challenging.
When rain did come, intermittent runs of small grilse and sea trout occurred on both main rivers but the back end of the year did not bring a winter run of large fish.

Fowey counter numbers were down on the 10-year average but large sea trout still arrived in the upper reaches of the system in good numbers and a large number of redds were evident from mid-November onwards.

No heavy winter spates occurred so hopefully the eggs will have developed well and will not be as vulnerable to attrition as they develop and hatch this year.
Predation at sea, lack of food sources, global warming are all taking their toll on our fish stocks – but what is critical is the survival of smolts and their return to the sea. Without these there will be no run. If we do not send smolts back to sea they cannot come back.

This brings me to some good news. We are now lucky to have two hatcheries operating in our area – the Lynher and Fowey Hatchery. I will let others update you on their excellent progress later in the meeting. It was obvious upon walking the banks up in the spawning sanctuary of the upper Fowey that the majority of the sea trout redds appeared in those areas where volunteers had been working – testament to the effectiveness of these efforts.
The work of Chris Janes and his small band of volunteers is gratefully recognised.
There is also excellent news in that the FRA has now managed to purchase the Draynes sanctuary – so we will have these sanctuaries in perpetuity. It will now be important to keep them in good condition.

We must also maintain our excellent efforts in catch and return – this can only benefit the overall spawning success and ensure the viability of future stocks. It also demonstrates to our riparian owners and Regulatory Authorities we care about our fishing and are committed to its conservation.
I must also stress to all the importance of careful handling of fish as you return them. Much can be done to ensure their survival after the enjoyment and privilege of catching them.

The Chair took to opportunity to thank, on behalf of the Club members

  • The Secretary for once again producing an excellent annual newsletter and for his efforts on behalf of the club.
  • The Treasurer and his auditors for all their hard work during the year
  • The Club Wardens.……..noting that if anyone wishes to step forward to look after any of our stretches they should approach the Chairman later.

Finally, the Chairman thanked the Committee Members for their continued support and hard work in the last year.

In closing he wished members a successful 2017 season.

Secretary's Report 2017

The Secretary noted that it had been quite a busy season behind the scenes.
All the usual activities took place (meetings, newsletters, membership correspondence, rental renewals etc.) and additionally -

  • The Duchy leases were re-negotiated and the club has moved from annual leases to 4-year leases on both the West Looe and Inny. This is much more acceptable to the club as it enables us to do longer term maintenance on the beats – work on which has already started.
  • We lost a rented short stretch of River Lynher (Beat 9, Lynher Farm, 2 meadows) up at Bathpool as the owners’ sold the property and fishing rights to third parties.
  • There was a lot of legal work including changing out the LDAC trustees (to T Sobey, D White and P Jordan) and other land registry matters -

    • Prevented the sale of a short stretch (110m) of our fishing north of the road bridge at Newbridge - as the Turnpike Cottage owners’ tried to include our fishing rights in their auction. 
    • Purchased the Hendergrove Stretch (800m) of the upper Fowey: (Beat 2b, lhb opposite Golitha). This stretch was offered to the Club offmarket and the Club agreed to purchase as it protects the Golitha fishing on the opposite bank – already owned by LDAC. Contracts have been signed and payment made in full. 
    • Unable to register Beat 15: Cadsonbury Beat; Lynher. The LDAC Trustees have had to withdraw the LDAC registration of this beat as the NT formally objected to the registration due to deed issues from the 1942 and 1967 sale/purchase agreements. We intend to continue to fish the beat and to explore options to complete the registration without resorting to an expensive legal tribunal. 
    • Sold c.50m (600m2) of LDAC land/ roadside verge to Highways England. This sale is progressing. Value to Club is approximately £850.00. Please note the on-going traffic restrictions and the need to enter Lewarne Coombe from the west now (Halfway House) as a result of their ongoing works. There is no access from the east (Trago) until end-April.

Other news -

  • FRA has purchased 5100m of the Draynes sanctuary stretch that they previously rented. This should protect these important sea trout breeding areas in perpetuity. They have control of over 70% of the valley now. Thanks to Chris Janes, Roger Lashbrook and Rob Williams et al….for all their efforts in improving the stretches over many years. 
  • ORVIS EXETER are now offering 10% on all fishing related items (incl clothing, waders tackle etc..) to club members in 2017. Present your 2017 season ticket to get the discount. Shop visits only – not online. Thanks to Arthur White for arranging this. 
  • We are now looking for a new website manager to keep the club website up to date. Please come and see Secretary after the meeting or get in touch if you can help. 

Finally - We need your latest email and postal address if we are going to keep in touch with you. That’s in your hands, not ours….

Treasurer's Report 2017

From the AGM Minutes 2017 -

The Treasurer reviewed the 2016 profit/loss account for the Club and provided a breakdown of all expenditures and income for the year to 31st December 2016.

He illustrated that the finances were in fair order but that the Club had shown a loss of £327.91p for 2016.
This loss could be attributed to increased legal costs associated with trustee and land registry matters. As subscriptions accounted for 91% of income in 2016 it is important to maintain membership numbers. Happily 2016 membership levels were maintained at the same level as the previous year.

For the 2016 season the club therefore had eleven (11) life members, fourteen (14) junior members and one hundred and seventy six (176) full members (adults/disabled).
Total club membership again therefore stood at a total of two hundred and one for 2016.
An additional 20 beat and complimentary season tickets were also issued to riparian owners as part of lease agreements and these individuals were therefore allowed to fish our waters – bringing the number of potential anglers to two hundred and twenty one (221).

2017 cost/rental increases are estimated to rise by some 2.5% (over 2016 levels) and subscription for adult members are therefore to rise by £3.00 pa to cover this.
All other ticket rates have been held at 2016 levels.
Updated ticket prices and membership details are available on the club website

Colliford Hatchery update 2017

From the 2017 AGM Minutes -

The new FRA-operated hatchery at Colliford is now up and running thanks to the generous funding from SWW and the efforts of all the volunteers who helped set it up and run it.

Initial concerns over water temperature and quality/quantity have proved unwarranted and the Hatchery Manager was pleased to report that the first 6 months of activities had proved a success:

  • Brood stock collection quotas had been met. LDAC waters provided two thirds (2/3) of the brood stock and one angler (J Hake) had collected over 50% of the total.
  • Just under 40,000 eggs had been stripped and the brood stock returned back to the river. 
  • At the time of the meeting the first 2 fry had hatched and with low water temperatures (assisted by a chiller unit) eggs are developing well. 
  • A CEFAS inspection had been carried out and the results were more than satisfactory. 
  • The vision for the hatchery is not just to make it work – but to make it work well. 
  • Volunteers were once more thanked for their efforts in making the operation the success it is to date.

Lynher Hatchery update 2017

From the 2017 AGM Minutes -

Firstly Arthur White thanked LDAC for the financial contribution it makes to the running of the hatchery on the Lynher. Unlike the Colliford hatchery the Lynher hatchery receives no funding from SWW or other external agencies; the £2000 pa running costs have to be met from contributions from local anglers and the volunteers themselves.

Operating problems from previous years had been resolved inasmuch as -

  • The EA had granted the Hatchery a license to collect brood stock in November, after the season had closed. This means that the brood stock are no longer held for long periods in warm (autumnal) waters and their health has improved – allowing for more successful stripping. Thanks were given to the EA for their support.
  • Later stripping increased the viability of eggs as the water temperatures were now lower during their development.

Operation to date -

  • Brood stock quotas met
  • 52,000 eggs stripped. However one batch was poorly developed and those eggs (10,000) were then reintroduced into artificial redds in the river to prevent their inevitable deterioration in the hatchery.
  • Of the remainder approximately 50% of the eggs had hatched to date.

The stocking plan for the fry this year would involve split releases – half the stock would be reared on whilst the other half would be introduced to the river as swim-up fry. This plan prevented rising water temperature from impacting survivability during the summer.

This year the hatchery would also be looking to raise funds for a chiller unit to further improve survivability rates in the future.

River Fowey: Beat 3: Ashford Mill/Bridge/RHB: New Tenants

Please note that the 2 meadows directly above Ashford Bridge have been leased from Coodes to the occupants of Ashford Mill.

Our fishing rights and our access point upriver is unchanged but the meadows have now been cleared and planted up.

Please ensure you respect the new tenants and when you access the beat stay to the river bank at all times.

Thank you.

River Fowey/Beat 6: A38/Lewarne Plantation pull-in/parking restrictions

Due to the ongoing road works west of Trago and with 4 weeks of planned night closures through April there will be no access to the Lewarne Plantation pull-in/parking between Jacks and the Halfway House.

The club gate will remain locked until all the resurfacing/road works are completed (estimate 2nd May).

Temporary access to the RHB is only from Bodithiel Bridge where a temporary access is being created by the old gate.
Parking is now further up Bodithiel Lane under the viaduct; the lower Forestry parking area we normally use is closed off by Highways England.
Access to the LHB from both Bodithiel Lane and the Halfway House end is un-affected.
Please note that access to Bodithiel Lane is only from the A390.

We will notify you when the Lewarne gate is open.

LDAC Members discount at Orvis, Exeter

I am pleased to confirm that LDAC members will now be entitled to receive 10% discount on all fishing related goods at the Exeter Orvis Store this year.
This includes items of fishing tackle, waders etc and clothing from the dedicated range of fishing clothing.

We just need show the current season membership card (2017) to receive the discount.
Details: http://www.orvis.co.uk/s/orvis-company-store-in-exeter-devon/316