Treasurer’s Report 2020

The Treasurer presented and reviewed the P&L account for year ending December 31st 2019.

Allowing for all costs in the year the Club carried forward a loss of £1,602.00 for the year.
This is the first recorded loss for the Club and is directly attributable to the sharp reduction in membership numbers.

For 2019 this was at an all time low of 126.
The Committee is aware that 2020 will be critical financially. 

  • Membership rates are therefore increasing by 2.5% to £100.00 pa. 
  • The Club are pleased to note that most of our riparian owners have also recognized the financial uncertainties we are facing and have agreed to a 20% reduction in rental rates whilst we weather the not-so-perfect storm of increasing regulation, the effects of commercial netting at sea and climate change. We thank them for their understanding and support.

Trevor Sobey
LDAC Treasurer


Due to on-going Government restrictions on group gatherings the 2021 LDAC AGM, originally scheduled for 9th February is now cancelled until further notice.

As outlined in the December newsletter members must now apply to the Treasurer directly for their 2021 permits. Details can be found in the December 2020 newsletter and on the Club website at’t forget to include the correct subscription for 2021, either as a cheque or, with Treasurers’ prior agreement, monies paid directly into the LDAC account, a SAE to enable us to send you your new 2021 permit and, of course, your duly completed catch return form for 2020.

Please also ensure we have your latest contact details (address/email) so that we can keep in touch with you during the year.

Many thanks and tight lines for 2021
Paul Jordan
Hon Secretary LDAC
31st January 2021

Environment Agency Red Skin Disease information

The Environment Agency has produced a leaflet on Red Skin Disease – a condition that has been sighted on a small number of Salmon in many countries including the UK.

The Environment Agency would like you to read the attached leaflet and report any sightings to your club or better the incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

LDAC waters to re-open on Wednesday 13th May 2020

LDAC waters to re-open on Wednesday 13th May 2020.

We will follow all the published Angling Trust guidelines

  • We do recommend that you follow the Angling Trust guidelines when returning to your sport (see below)
  • Don’t forget to renew your Environment Agency salmon and seatrout rod fishing licence for the 2020 season

Joining and Rejoining LDAC & Online Banking payments

In light of the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic and being aware that many people will be suffering financial hardship at this time, we have decided that for the remainder of the season only to waive the joining/rejoining fee.

Full details of ticket prices etc are available here

If you would like to pay with Online Banking – please follow this process –

  • Identify the Membership Fee applicable 
  • Send the appropriate payment –
    BACS Account Name – LDAC
    Account number – 80574988
    Sort code – 20-50-40
  • Email the Treasurer at with all the required details as listed on the application form.

>> Important – Existing members should still send their Catch Return and a SAE <<

LDAC members to follow HMG Covid-19 regulations with immediate effect

Angling Trust has this afternoon published recommendations online in support of 23rd March HMG restrictions pertaining to Covid-19.

All angling clubs are being recommended to close their fisheries by Angling Trust

It is therefore necessary to advise LDAC members of this and for them to cease angling efforts on our waters immediately.

Angling Trust is now seeking Her Majesty’s Government clarification that angling is considered a healthy recreational pastime that does not conflict with social distancing measures.

LDAC will be posting further information when we can.

Thank you all for you support

Paul Jordan, Hon Sec LDAC 

Chairman’s Report 2019

At the LDAC AGM The Chairman noted that 2018 had been one of the more difficult seasons on record the Chairman indicated that overall fishing efforts had been low throughout the year and it was likely that this would be reflected in low(er) catch return numbers.
For the stalwart few that did venture out a few early spring fish rewarded their efforts on both the Lynher and Fowey. Summer fish were caught but generally sport had been poor for most members.

The Chairman then spoke to the news that the TTFA/EA had started to electronically tag sea trout in the Tamar. This would provide data for studies regarding migration routes and frequency of spawning. He advised the membership that it was possible that these fish might also re-enter the Lynher. If so they could be recognised as having a clipped adipose fin.
Tagged fish could be reported to the EA and a financial incentive was in place for those reporting such catches. Further details would appear on the Club website.

The Chairman then discussed the disappointing news that the Fowey fish counter (at Restormel) had not been producing reliable data during most of the 2018 season. It was unlikely that any meaningful data would be forthcoming on numbers of fish entering the catchment. It was hoped that things would improve for 2019. Fry survey information from the FRA funded WRT work on the Fowey was then presented. This showed that the middle river had improved but that there was less promising news for Warleggan salmon parr; salmon numbers had shown a dip but conversely trout numbers were higher there – perhaps indicating a healthier stock of sea trout for the future.
There was better news on the Cardinham. In 2017 the surveys had shown no salmon above Ladyvale Bridge. However, with encouragement from WRT the Forestry Commission had removed a major log-jam and in the subsequent 2018 survey salmon parr numbers had rebounded. This was excellent news and showed the importance of the surveys in helping to spot problem areas and to illustrate the positive impact of focussed in-river works.

There was however disappointing news regarding the Club’s attempts to purchase the Newbridge stretch of the Fowey in 2018. Despite all our efforts and the generosity of members in donating and loaning funds the Sellers’ withdrew from the sale/purchase agreement in November 2018. More details follow in the Treasurer’s report.

Gravel cleaning was not undertaken in 2018. This was due to the dis-incentives created by the need to apply for and get a series of licences to perform gravel cleaning at any location –

  •  An easement for each location was required
  • A permit was required to pull hemlock
  • A waste carriers licence was required to remove hemlock from site. 

This matter had been taken up with the FFRG (EA, WRT and FRA) and the EA have indicated that they can provide support to facilitate the permitting process in 2019. WRT had made a large gravel cleaning pump available to the Club and it was hoped that this would make the work load lighter in the future.

Bank clearance days have been published in the December newsletter and following a slow start the Chairman was pleased to advise that attendance had improved and he thanked those involved. He further noted that there were a number of dates in February/March that needed support and he urged the membership to turn out to work on their river.

The Chairman briefly mentioned the work undertaken by IFCA and the recent news that they were looking to extend controls from the main estuaries into the creeks and coves surrounding …noting that many salmonids used these areas as a refuge in low water conditions.

The new beat maps were highlighted and thanks were made to WRT for producing them and to R Grieve for making them accessible on the Club website.

Finally he took the opportunity to thank the Treasurer (T Sobey), the Secretary (P Jordan) and his Committee members for all their efforts in helping to run the club during 2018 and to wish the membership tight(er) lines for the 2019 season.

Treasurer’s Report 2019

At the LDAC AGM The Treasurer presented an overview of the Club’s efforts to purchase the River Fowey Newbridge fishing in 2018.
He noted that the Club had always sought to purchase fishing if it became available. As background he stated that fishing had been purchased at Golitha (1985), Jacks (1997), Lewarne (1998), Doublebois (2004) Hendergrove (2018) and the Club had also donated substantially towards the FRA Draynes sanctuary purchase in 2018. In July of 2018 Kivells advertised the sale of the Newbridge stretch of the Fowey River. The Club bid on the stretch but was advised that a higher bid had been received. That third party sale subsequently fell through and the Club then directly negotiated a second (increased) offer that was accepted by the seller, Lanhydrock Estates. With solicitors instructed the sale progressed and land registry, river-bed ownership and access matters were examined to ensure that the Club would have full, un-encumbered title to the fishing.
In mid-November the Club was surprised to hear that the sellers were seeking membership dues from its Angling Association members for the 2019 season. It transpired that the sellers had decided to withdraw from the sale but had not advised other parties to that effect.

More positively, our membership proved highly supportive and very generous in making interest free loans and donations to enable the purchase offer to be made. The Treasurer wished to put on record his personal thanks for that support.

The Treasurer then presented and reviewed the P&L account for year ending December 31st 2018. It was noted that despite concerns over membership numbers the Club had retained its subscription income year-on-year.
Allowing for all costs in the year the Club carried forward £28,122.33p, an increase of £1,541.75p on the previous year. Whilst this headline result is reassuring, the Committee is aware that 2019 will be critical financially. Notwithstanding, they have decided to keep subscription rates at their current level for another year – to encourage membership when our fishing is under considerable pressure both in quantity of fish caught and further restrictions on methods and overall catch limits.

We are pleased to note that many of our riparian owners have also recognised the financial uncertainties we are facing and have agreed to a 20% reduction in rental rates whilst we weather the not-so-perfect storm of increasing regulation, the effects of commercial netting at sea and climate change.
We thank them for their understanding and support.

Secretary’s Report 2019

At the LDAC AGM The Secretary noted that the Committee had met 6 times in the year and that their attendance had been excellent. Much time and effort had been spent at these meetings trying to find the right balance between managing external relationships (with the EA/FRA), protecting river stocks and supporting the members’ sport.
Whilst this had not always been easy it is a credit to the Committee that consensus was reached and that the EA had been supportive of the Club’s position. This was reflected in the successful negotiations over the new NLO for the Fowey and no immediate threat of bye-law introductions.

The (voluntary) catch/release and restrictions/rules put in place for 2018 would now extend into the 2019 season and if any changes were proposed after the FRA/EA 2019 meeting had taken place then membership would be informed. In the meantime copies of the rules were made available at the meeting for those seeking a copy.
It was noted that there was an error in the December newsletter…..barbless hooks to be used after 31st August, not before June 16th as stated.

Other key issues in the year have included –

Protecting the fishing owned by the Club

  • Ownership of and access to fishing rights on the stretch above the road bridge (Newbridge, River Lynher) was disputed by the new owners of Turnpike Cottage. The Committee stepped in and successfully resolved the dispute without resorting to costly litigation. New access points had been created and the membership are encouraged to access and fish the stretch.
  • The Secretary noted that fishing rights and access issues were critical to the Club’s future and asked members to immediately make the Committee aware of any attempts to close off/change access or to try to dissuade the Club members from fishing our beats. The sale of any property adjoining fishing should also be advised as such changes often led to difficulties over ownership and access.

Additional fishing rights at Newbridge (River Fowey) came to the market during the year. The Club attempted to purchase these but the sale fell through before contracts were exchanged. More details can be found in the Treasurer’s report.

Work parties had started again and the Secretary reminded all members that it was important that they signed the risk assessment form before starting work. Failure to do so could negate both personal and Club insurances.

The Secretary reminded members to advise of any address or email changes asap. Failure to do so would inevitably result in lost contact.