2 thoughts on “Day and Week Tickets”

  1. I understand i can buy day tickets….possibly from Jacqui Sugden at Wainsford.
    How do i know what beats are available on the day and are there any rod limits on each beat.?

    Are any beats more suited to trout, we are using #4 and 5# rods.
    Because f weather, we are not sure which days we are going to be fishing so can we book on the day via this site….
    Hope you can help.
    Kind Regards
    Stuart Prime

    1. Hi Stuart – Thanks for the message.
      You can buy day tickets from Jacqui and Tony at Wainsford – or from the Club Secretary on sec@ldac.org.uk
      When you have your ticket you are free to fish all LDAC water, all 20+ miles of it – no restrictions apart from the rules of each stretch which can be found at LDAC Club Rules 2023

      The beat directly below Trago holds trout and is OK with a fly rod, also the beat above Doublebois Bridge and from Ashford Bridge on the Fowey.


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