Colliford Hatchery update 2020

RG firstly mentioned the recent passing of C Bettinson, a long-term member of the Club and a keen supporter of the Colliford hatchery.

RG noted that the Facebook page was being effectively used and that external interest in the Club was evident. 

Hatchery specifics followed 

  • 2019 brood stock collection had been successful with 9 cock and 9 hen fish collected. 
  • LDAC waters had provided over 50% of the fish. 
  • Operating challenges included the withdrawal of Pycezes as a treatment measure. The EA has just approved use of an alternate treatment. 

The hatchery was on target to have stocked 100,000 fish into the St Neot River by summer of 2020.

Fin clipping was discussed and the importance of reporting any fin clipped fish caught emphasized

Richard Grieve

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